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Our clients have worked hard (and had fun), followed the Insinger Insights strategies, invested in themselves, and stayed focused to become extraordinary leaders and achieve success.

Jackie is a crucial element of our success. On a company-wide basis she empowers us as a high-performance team while keeping us positive, optimistic, and approaching our work from a place of best intentions. As an executive coach, she proactively saved my marriage as I entered a new executive leadership role. She focused my determination to succeed on the big picture and keeps me accountable to that.

Jackie is a veritable Swiss army knife of practices, solutions and insights for creating and maintaining high-performance teams and leaders.

Joel Grabois, CEO, Blue Onion Media

I have never seen anything so profoundly impact my executive team in a positive way as our work with Insinger Insights and Jackie Insinger. She has an amazing ability to really connect to people in a way that allows them to open up and feel safe, thus tearing down barriers of communication to create an environment of understanding and support. For a high powered, high performance team full of strong personalities, this has been the glue that has brought us together to operate as our best collective self!

Ben Kaplan, President, Collective Goods

Thank you for taking us on the most amazing and enlightening journey of growth and exploration of oneself. You are such a bright, lovely, kind light of inspiration and wisdom.

Gayle Gannes Rosenthal – YPO Forum Retreat

I can honestly say what I learned from Jackie Insinger, her Team Dynamics workshops and ongoing brilliant coaching, will stick with me for life.   Deep insight paired with tangible, actionable resources on how to recognize things about yourself so you can more effectively communicate and motivate others.

Erica Moore, SVP, The Integer Group/TBWA

Jackie’s work has been nothing short of transformational – for me as a leader and for my team as a collective whole. Her unique, positive and research-backed approach always creates excitement and action – and most importantly, results!

Tracie Poland, VP Marketing, Infinicept

To put it simply, Jackie is a gift. I first met her through a corporate-sponsored workshop, and I can confidently say choosing her as my Executive Coach a month later was the best investment I’ve made for myself. Both professionally and personally, she’s a thoughtful and reflective guide, and her methods productive and auspicious. I can’t imagine navigating this time in life without her counsel.

Lindsey Boan, Director of Media, Madwell

Jackie has been instrumental in helping us grow and scale our business. With her smart, positive, and progress-focused approach for leaders, we have continued to grow and scale our startup business to what it is today: a thriving, successful agency serving Fortune 500 companies. Jackie has been integral to our evolution, and I credit her for our sanity and our success! 

Gem Swartz, CEO, Catalyst Marketing Agency

“Jackie’s insights have changed the way we parent our children, communicate in our marriage and how we manage our businesses. Working with Jackie is like having CliffNotes for understanding people.”

— YPO Forum

Focused, practical, actionable insights. The most I have ever learned about myself from any outside advisor, assessment, or tool.

Harris Morris, Chairman and CEO, Wazee Digital

Over the past 7 years, I’ve had the honor of working with Jackie in both a professional and personal capacity. Jackie’s workshops with my team and her ongoing coaching has been like a lightbulb going off both in how I communicate with others and understand my own situational reactions. I use Jackie’s strategies to help those I manage be more fulfilled in their careers, and have watched our team productivity skyrocket. Jackie is an invaluable resource to help anyone who wants to have more successful interactions with those around them.

Anne Macomber, Creative Director, The Integer Group

Jackie works with our Executive Team to help us better understand each other, work together, and most importantly, help each other succeed.  She does this through many group and one-on-one sessions, that are both intense, and delightful, because Jackie knows when to push, and when to lighten the moment.  She listens to our ideas, concerns, and challenges thoughtfully, and helps us come up with insightful and creative ideas for addressing those.  We continually have amazing a-ha moments and breakthroughs as a team!  Jackie is very easy to work with, wonderful to talk to, and truly a natural coach!

Randi Albright, COO, Collective Goods

Jackie Insinger has an engaging, authentic style – a quick rapport with the audience and has everyone interacting, thinking and laughing right from the start. She offers fresh ideas that entertain, inspire, energize and leaves the audience armed with “works in real life” strategies they can use immediately. She’s a true gem.

Mary LoVerde, Hall of Fame Professional Speaker

Almost everything in life comes with a user’s manual. Everything except people!  There is a ton of trial and error to figure out what helps, motivates and inspires your team members, and what are the best ways to understand and support each other. Working with Jackie took the “error” out of the equation and by going through the Insinger Insights process and coaching, Jackie was able to give us that “users guide” on each other. We achieved immediate results, and continue to achieve measurable wins in productivity, performance and engagement metrics from our work with her. I feel empowered now to truly maximize each of our potential and the potential of our team!

Michele Crowley, SVP Marketing, H&C Animal Health

I have participated in many workshops in my career, and Jackie blew me away! Her warm approach, insight, real life connections to form clear examples, and way of tying it all into our work/team dynamic was nothing short of remarkable.

Liza Dubrow, Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation

Having been a healthcare provider myself for 17 years now , I can recognize a professional who is exceptionally good at what they do and are actually invested in helping people and you are one of those rare people, Jackie! You are extremely patient, perceptive and wise. You excel at what you do and make a huge difference in people’s lives.

Swarupa Reddy, Medical Director

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