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About Jackie Insinger

Jackie Insinger is a Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker, and a sought-after Leadership and Team Dynamics Consultant. Jackie combines the science of Positive Psychology with revolutionary tools and programs to help leaders increase authentic connection, performance, and fulfillment.

Jackie works with teams to build a culture of trust while guiding them to become more aligned, communicate more effectively, collaborate with ease, and support each other more efficiently. The results of these trainings lead to measurable increases in productivity, performance, and engagement within an overall enhanced culture. And in turn, a positive ROI to the Company’s bottom line.

When working with executives, Jackie uses her proprietary, science-backed coaching system to help each leader design their success path with purpose and intention, optimize their strengths, up-level their teams, and take continued action toward their goals.

With a Psychology degree from Duke University and a Masters from Harvard, Jackie’s work with individuals and teams has positively impacted thousands of people and businesses throughout the world.

Based on her impressive track record of successfully impacting business growth metrics, as well as personal and professional achievements and honors, Jackie has been selected to be an Official Member of Forbes Coaches Council and Harvard Business Review Advisory Council.

Jackie has been featured in Forbes, Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, California Business Journal, CEO World Magazine, HR.com, and many other business news outlets. Her book, Spark Brilliance, has hit Bestseller in 5 Business categories.


Harvard University – Masters, Human Development & Psychology
Duke University – BA, Developmental Psychology
MIT Sloan School of Management – Neuroscience for Business Certification


Harvard Business Review Advisory Council
Forbes Coaches Council Member
MIT Technology Review Global Panel 

And a Little Known Fact — Growing up in Miami, Florida in the 80s, Jackie was the captain of her breakdancing club in 4th grade.  Ask her about her great backspin.

Insinger Insights

We are dedicated to helping great leaders become extraordinary.

Our unique approach with leaders and teams combines positive psychology and neuroscience research to increase connection, motivation, communication, and accelerate performance and team dynamics.

All of our customized programs are fueled by research, tested with clients, and are immediately actionable for positive and measurable shifts. We believe in psychological safety, creating team commitments for interaction, honoring cognitive diversity, and leveraging each other’s unique strengths for powerful collaboration – which leads to a multiplier effect and a fast track to team success. And, most importantly, we believe you can always have fun while achieving your goals!

Many of the programs we offer combine validated assessments with a hands-on approach to enhance self-clarity, boost confidence, empower connections and improve communication – all with the goal of achieving immediate and sustained productivity, performance and engagement.

Our programs and online education courses have positively impacted thousands of leaders in over 20 countries. We are fiercely committed to our clients, and are excited to partner with more leaders and teams that are dedicated to becoming extraordinary.

Whether you’re a leader wanting to accelerate your own growth, a team looking to optimize your dynamics, or a company looking to up-level your culture and people-centric focus, we have programs to support your unique needs and goals.

Enjoy Success: Jackie Insinger and co-founder Kaley Klemp created Enjoy Success, a company dedicated to accelerating the growth of women leaders in business. Their suite of transformational programs focus on shifting the mindset and providing the skills for women to excel.

Let’s Maximize Your Potential!

Learn how our clients are maximizing their potential (in business and life) with The Insinger Insights Programs and how you can too – even if it seems out of reach right now.