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Report a More Inclusive, Positive Work Culture
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Improved 360 Feedback from Stakeholders
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Your Path to Extraordinary Leadership

Leadership Team Optimization

It starts with you. Commit to becoming an extraordinary “First Team” – create a positive influence that cascades throughout your organization.  

Team Dynamics Accelerator

Multiply your team’s positive energy and results by learning quick and actionable ways to become a highly collaborative and strengths-focused team.

Elite Executive


Ready to shift from great to extraordinary? Let’s discover your version of success and design a customized, actionable path to get you there.

Insinger Insights – The Difference Maker

By the numbers: Everything we do is backed by research. We have done the work for you, now all you have to do is implement and reap the results.

Action, always: If you are not making progress, we are not doing our job. Staying stuck is not an option. Be ready to start moving toward your goals.

Human first: We are all about your unique needs and your own version of success. There is no cookie cutter approach to human work. This is about you.

Stop Stressing. Start Leading.

Do you feel like you have too many plates spinning at the same time, and something is bound to shatter? Are you struggling to motivate your team, understand all the different personalities and needs, while trying to manage the unavoidable messy dynamics? This is all normal for today’s leaders, and we know how to help.

For Teams

We can simplify this for you. Let’s not just learn to “get along,” let’s leverage.

For Leaders

Let’s figure out where you want to be, and we can help guide you there.