Team Dynamics Accelerator


Team Dynamics Accelerator Offsite

Our Programs are exclusively designed for leaders and teams who are ready to grow from ordinary to extraordinary and maximize their potential

Team Dynamics Accelerator

Brilliance begins with you. Commit to becoming an extraordinary team – create a positive influence that cascades throughout your organization.  

Create a Team Playbook

Create a Team Playbook for how to effectively lead and interact with each other

Lead Change Confidently

Align on how to manage change positively and proactively, and adapt with greater ease

Instill Trust & Connection

Enhance collaboration, increase trust, and build authentic connections for greater success

Team Dynamics Accelerator Format

The underlying goals of the Team Dynamics Accelerator Program is to enhance a team’s ability to meet its objectives and increase its effectiveness. This happens by instilling greater connection, refining communication, increasing collaboration, building greater trust and allowing team members to not only understand and appreciate one another’s needs, motivations, capabilities and perspectives, but also to know exactly what they must do to support and foster the “Best Self” in others. As all teams take their insights and skills to the next level, a new team will also accelerate their integration, and an already high performing team will become even better, primed for growth and increased success.

At the end of the Workshop, participants will:

  • Understand and respect each other’s strengths and leverage contributions
  • Gain immediate tools for greater collaboration
  • Communicate and support each other in more meaningful and effective ways
  • Understand other people’s actions and reactions with clarity and empathy
  • Be able to tailor messages for more positive influence and buy-in
  • Learn how to leverage the cognitive diversity on their team
  • Begin to establish a foundation of trust and psychological safety
  • Become more personally productive and efficient
  • Know how to bring out the best in one’s team, motivate individuals more effectively and mentor them with greater success

Participants leave with individual User’s Guides and a “Team Playbook” filled with immediate tools to use with their team for increased communication, motivation, and collaboration.

Program pre-work: Pre-work consists of a 10-minute online motivational identify assessment, called the PRINT® Survey.

Investment Details

Deliverables: (full day immersive program)

  • Includes PRINT® Survey, 3 result reports (PRINT, Trigger and Role Alignment), and master workbook distributed for team members
  • Participants leave with a “Team Playbook” and immediate tools to use for increased communication, support, motivation, productivity and collaboration
  • A background call in advance to understand the specific team dynamics and ensure the workshop achieves the goals for each particular team


  • $12,500 for up to 10 people (plus expenses)
  • $550 per additional person
What Is PRINT®?

PRINT® is a model of human motivation. Our PRINT® determines why we do what we do, think what we think, and say what we say. PRINT® explains how we react and how we relate. It is at the core of what motivates us and what drives our actions – what gets us excited and what pushes us to the edge. PRINT® accounts for the strategies we choose to get what we want. And it is responsible for our challenges. PRINT® provides enormous insight and understanding not only into ourselves, but into others as well – why they do what they do, think what they think and feel what they feel. PRINT® explains a person’s “why”.

No PRINT® is better than any other PRINT®. However, each PRINT® possesses its own natural gifts and contributions (Best Self) and its own potential blind spots and challenges (Shadow). Each PRINT® also has its own set of “Triggers” that can propel it into Shadow. It is up to the individual to decide if they want to spend more time in their Best Self and reduce their Shadow behavior. Studies have shown that a positive correlation exists between Best Self and performance.

Each PRINT® operates on its own motivational frequency. When we understand these frequencies, we are able to connect with people, communicate with them, influence them, motivate them and relate to them in a way that has never before been possible. Knowing a person’s why is game changing.

Simply put, the more people understand what motivates the people they are leading, working with, teaming with, or seeking to influence and inspire the more they can comprehend how others think, make decisions, see the world – the very things that PRINT® tells them – the better their interactions will be and the more success they will experience.

Equally as pivotal, the more people understand their own “why”, the more adept they become at choosing Best Self and capitalizing on their natural strengths, instead of masking their strengths and eclipsing their talents when their stressors are activated and they move into “automatic”.