Leadership Training Mastermind


Leadership Training Mastermind Engagement

The Leadership Training Mastermind is a unique, transformational, virtual coaching program to up-level the skillset and mindset of leadership.
Leadership Training Mastermind Format

In this unique, transformational, 6-month virtual coaching program, leaders (or emerging leaders/rising stars) will join a small group cohort of their peers (5 per cohort) and participate in two 1-hr group leadership coaching sessions per month for 6 consecutive months.

These forum-based sessions are filled with impactful content and strategies to up-level the skillset and mindset of leadership. We do this by first understanding and leveraging your motivators through a leadership lens, and then learning actionable strategies to implement immediately for your own development. Throughout the sessions, you will learn to spark interpersonal influence by increasing personal accountability, leadership skills and effective connections based on proven positive psychology leadership best practices.

From Owning Your Values, to Mastering Your Mindset, to Taking Smart Risks and Identifying Your Superpowers, the individual and collective growth is remarkable during these sessions. With accountability and survey check-ins, we ensure Mastermind members are making positive progress personally and professionally.

In these intentionally designed cohorts, we focus on the mindset, confidence, and ability to stretch our comfort zones, work through success blocks and challenges using our strengths, and lead from a Best Self perspective. We have found that having a consistent and connected community of peers within a company is an extremely powerful platform to help approach life and leadership with alignment, intention, and a robust set of tools.

Investment Details

Deliverables: 6 Month Group Coaching

  • Leadership Coaching Mastermind, two 1-hr sessions per month for 6 consecutive months
  • Focused on the greatest ROI in the least amount of time required
  • 5 Leaders per Mastermind
  • Accountability assignments, surveys, and progress check-ins


  • $2800 per leader for the full 6-month program
  • $14,000 for 5 leaders