Leadership Team Optimization


Leadership Team Optimization Engagement

Our Programs are exclusively designed for leaders who are ready to grow from ordinary to extraordinary and maximize their potential

Leadership Team Optimization

It starts with you. Commit to becoming an extraordinary “First Team” – create a positive influence that cascades throughout your organization.  

Create a Team Playbook

Create a Team Playbook for how to effectively lead and interact with each other

Lead Change Confidently

Align on how to manage change positively and proactively for your organization

Instill Trust & Connection

Enhance collaboration, increase trust, and build authentic connections for greater success

PHASE 1:  Leadership Team Optimization Format

The underlying goals of the Leadership Team Optimization Program is to enhance a Leadership Team’s ability to meet its objectives and increase its effectiveness by instilling greater connection, refining communication, increasing collaboration, building greater trust and allowing team members to not only understand and appreciate one another’s needs, motivations, capabilities and perspectives, but also to know exactly what they must do to support and foster the “Best Self” in others. As professionals take their insights and skills to the next level, a new team can accelerate their integration, and an already high performing team can become even better, primed for growth and increased success.

At the end of the Workshop, participants will:

  • Understand and respect each other’s strengths and leverage contributions
  • Gain immediate tools for greater collaboration
  • Communicate and support each other in more meaningful and effective ways
  • Understand other people’s actions and reactions with clarity and empathy
  • Be able to tailor messages for more positive influence and buy-in
  • Learn how to leverage the cognitive diversity on their team
  • Begin to establish a foundation of trust and psychological safety
  • Become more personally productive and efficient
  • Know how to bring out the best in one’s team, motivate individuals more effectively and mentor them with greater success

Participants leave with individual User’s Guides and a “Team Playbook” filled with immediate tools to use with their team for increased communication, motivation, and collaboration.

Program pre-work: Pre-work consists of a 10-minute online motivational identify assessment, called the PRINT® Survey.

Investment Details

Deliverables: (6-hour immersive program)

  • Includes PRINT® Survey, 3 result reports (PRINT, Trigger and Role Alignment), and master workbook distributed for team members
  • Participants leave with a “Team Playbook” and immediate tools to use for increased communication, support, motivation, productivity and collaboration
  • A background call in advance to understand the specific team dynamics and ensure the workshop achieves the goals for each particular team


  • $15,000 for up to 12 people (plus expenses)
  • $850 per additional person