Leadership Team Advanced Training

Continuity Program


Leadership Team Continuity

To keep the momentum going and optimize the integration of the “Playbook” from the Leadership Team Optimization Program, these deeper dives, customized to timely topics for this team, are designed to enhance the team’s ability to meet its objectives and increase its effectiveness.

PHASE 2:  Leadership Team Advanced

To stay accountable, sustain the learnings from the Leadership Offsite, and continue to grow as leaders and a team, we recommend either a monthly 90-minute Lunch & Learn or a quarterly 2.5 hour Leadership Team training.

In these sessions, we will work through real-time challenges and road blocks, and dive deeper into different exercises to move from conceptual to tactical with the team’s strategies and relationships. We design the sessions based on the most relevant needs of the team. A monthly or quarterly experience creates an opportunity for team building and a culture set to focus on maximizing the relationships and performance of the team. 

These focused sessions are designed to enhance the team’s ability to meet its objectives and increase its effectiveness by further improving:

  • Communication strategies
  • Instill greater trust
  • Learn how we can navigate change in a productive and effective way
  • Fine-tune how to motivate direct reports
  • Learn how to leverage the Cognitive Diversity that is already present, and where it would benefit to build
  • Enhance Leadership Excellence to positively manage up, cross-functionally and cascading down into the organization
Investment Details


  • Monthly $3,800:  90-min Lunch and Learn
  • Quarterly $7,000:  2.5-hour Optimization Training