Elite Executive Coaching



In this Leadership Coaching program, we will work closely together to define your version of success and design a customized, actionable path to get you there.

Platinum Leader™ Coaching

Ready to shift from great to extraordinary? Here are a few (of many) outcomes we will focus on:

Spark Team Brilliance

Learn to spark brilliance in each of your team members by following my Platinum Leadership path.

Design Your Success

Design your unique success plan based on both stakeholder input and your personal goals.

Commit to Grow

Stretch your comfort zone, channel your courage, and have an accountability partner to keep you on track.

Elite Executive Coaching Format

We start with a 2-hour, deep dive session to understand relevant background and identify your goals for the coaching program, and then we will have two 1-hour customized Executive Coaching sessions per month. One personalized coaching call, a week to implement the established action, a coaching call, and a week to implement the actions.   The content and focus per call are designed based on a combination of the following:

  • Specific quarterly goals set for the individual
  • The latest neuroscience research on how to optimize your brain for leadership success
  • Proven positive psychology-based practices for personal growth and professional development
  • Focusing on leadership enhancements for motivating and authentically connecting with direct reports

Global research and outcome-focused work on:

  • Owning Your Values, Mastering Your Mindset, Taking Smart Risks, Leveraging Your Superpowers
Investment Details

Deliverables:  This 6-month engagement includes:

  • Motivation, Leadership Traits, & Values Assessments
  • 2 hour Discovery Immersion
  • A 360 with key stakeholders
  • 2x month coaching calls

Total Investment:  $24,000