Welcome Baltimore!

Hi Baltimore Leaders!

Thank you so much for welcoming me to your awesome city and hosting such a fabulous event to celebrate the launch of Spark Brilliance!

I am very grateful to have met each one of you, and would love to stay connected.

Many of you asked about ways we can work together, and below are a few options of how we can partner. (We also have Team Optimization Workshops and some other team programs on the “Work With Us” page).

I’m always excited to add another awesome human to my life, so whether you are looking to just keep in touch or find ways to get great results together, please reach out to me below. I would love to hear from you!

With lots of gratitude,

Spark Brilliance Leadership Accelerator

Spark Brilliance Leadership Accelerator is a transformative leadership program designed to take leaders from great to extraordinary.

Stop Stressing. Start Leading.

What It Is: In this unique, results-focused, 6-month virtual coaching program, select leaders will participate in an immersive full day leadership program followed by monthly 90-minute group coaching sessions in a small cohort of their peers.

How It Works: Using experiential learning with hands-on coaching, these forum-based sessions are filled with impactful content and actionable strategies to up-level the skillset and mindset of leadership. We do this by integrating the latest leadership, positive psychology, and neuroscience research to optimize your brain and your behavior for success while providing direct impact to the business bottom line.

Spark Brilliance Collective Mastermind

Spark Brilliance Collective Mastermind is a premier experience designed exclusively for high level mentoring for women leaders.

What It Is: This invitation only Mastermind is created for a committed group of high-level women leaders who are looking to accelerate their personal and professional growth, design the next steps of their authentic leadership path, spark optimism and creativity, and build authentic connections within an exceptional community of women.

How It Works: From monthly group Spark calls, Private 1:1 mentoring calls, two in-person retreats, expert guests, quarterly half-day learning labs, and on-demand content, the Spark Brilliance Collective is an experience where you can be seen and valued for exactly who you are, define and design your own unique version of success, and grow into your greatest potential – all while having fun within a safe container filled with extraordinary women.

Keynote Speaking and Offsites

Topic:  Spark Brilliance – The Secret to Extraordinary Leadership

In these inspiring and actionable keynote sessions, you will learn how to transform your team from burnout to brilliance. Jackie Insinger, renowned leadership consultant, will be sharing key insights from her bestselling book, Spark Brilliance, that will give you the research-backed tools to build authentic connection, spark optimism, build trust, and drive greater results from the people you lead — and for your company.

Brilliance begins with you, the leader. Create the spark, ignite your team’s potential, and watch the fireworks begin.

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